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US Treasury Bonds Portfolios by Rietumu Asset Management

US Treasury Bonds Portfolios by Rietumu Asset Management

16 October 2018

The company Rietumu Asset Management, a member of the Rietumu Group, has offered its clients the "Target maturity bonds" investment portfolios. 

The portfolios consist of US Treasury bonds, which are known to be considered one of the most stable financial instruments in the world and reflect the creditworthiness of the US government. 

"The new product makes it possible to reliably invest US dollars, and at the same time – to get a competitive yield compared to classical deposits in EU banks. In addition, unlike with a deposit, in our case the investor receives regular coupon payments," says Pavel Pochtarenko, Chairman of the Management Board of Rietumu Asset Management. 

Pavel Pochtarenko notes that portfolios have been created for different volumes of investments and with different maturity dates; thus, clients have an opportunity to choose the most convenient option that suits their needs. Minimum investment threshold is 250 000 USD, and maturity periods –1 year, 3 years and 5 years. 

It is equally important that the offered portfolios consist of highly liquid securities. The assets of each portfolio, if necessary, can be sold at any time before the maturity date (they are revalued every business day, based on the market situation). 

The indicative yield of such portfolio is from 1.99% to 2.53% per annum. The real rate of return in each case depends on the maturity period and the total amount of investment. 

In accordance with modern international practice, the bonds included in the investment portfolios are recorded and kept as off-balance sheet items for the credit institution, which is an important factor in protecting the interests of the client. 

"The main advantages of such portfolio are its high reliability, liquidity and clear predictable yield," summarises the Chairman of the Management Board of Rietumu Asset Management. 

Note that for these portfolios there are special, preferential fees for asset management and investment account brokerage services at the bank. 

For those willing to create an individual investment portfolio, Rietumu Asset Management specialists can develop special offers with selected characteristics (for example, higher rates of return, additional protection against inflation, other maturity periods, a certain structure of portfolio cash flows, etc.). The required amount of investment to create an individual portfolio – from 500 000 USD. 

News source: RIETUMU

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